FCU-Purdue Undergraduate 2+2 Program


☆Ranked 19th in Engineering/Technology and Computer Sciences by Academic Ranking of World Universities 2015



☆Ranked 9th in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs by U.S. News & World Report 2016

☆Ranked 9th in Electrical Engineering by U.S. News & World Report 2016

☆Ranked 13th in Computer Engineering by U.S. News & World Report 2016

About FCU-Purdue Undergraduate 2+2 Program

In light of the high demand for talent in electrical/computer engineering, Feng Chia University and Purdue University collaborate in launching the FCU-Purdue Undergraduate 2+2 Program in electrical/computer engineering. The design of this program is based on the market demands in engineering both in Taiwan and the U.S. The curriculum is developed to meet the skillset required by the industry and enable students to apply their knowledge and skills on the job.

Purdue University

Purdue Rankings

1.  ARWU Engineering / Technology and Computer Sciences 19 (2015)

2.  Times Higher Education Top 100Universities for Engineering and Technology 45 (2015)

3.  The College of Engineering's Lyles School of Civil Engineering as first on the list of the best civil engineering institutions in the world (The Global Ranking 2016)

4.  QS World: Electrical Engineering 47 & Computer Science 51-100 (2016) 

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Purdue

1.  Largest faculty (99 members) among all departments/schools at Purdue University, and among the largest in USA

2.  Faculty include five members of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), one NAE Gordon Prize winner, and a past President of the IEEE, 34 IEEE Fellows, 9 APS Fellows, and 7 OSA Fellows.

3.  Largest graduate student population at Purdue (258 MS, 484 PhD). Two undergraduate degree programs (BSEE and BSCmpE), with a total of 1102 students

4.  The first electronic television was made in ECE.

About City of West Lafayette

West Lafayette is a historian’s dream with beautiful turn-of-the-century architecture. A city in Tippecanoe County, it is conveniently located about 105km northwest of the Indiana state capital of Indianapolis and 166km southeast of Chicago. With a population of just under 30,000 (per the 2010 census), the city boasts some highly education residents. The US Census 2005-2007 American Community Survey showed that 77% of the city’s population age 25 or older hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

As well as being home to Purdue University, West Lafayette also has a vibrant downtown offering antiques and eclectic shopping, handmade candies and quaint coffee shops. For those preferring outdoor activities, a tasting at various wineries and brewing companies can be enjoyed. Other attractions of the city include the Tippecanoe Battlefield and Museum, Clegg Memorial Gardens and Wabash Heritage Trail.

Plan of Study

Year 1 Courses:

FCU Code English Title Credit Chinese Title Semester
ISTM114 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I 4 解析幾何與微積分I 1
ISTM115 Modern Mechanics 4 力學 1
ISTM116 C Programming for Engineers 3 C 結構化程式設計 1
ISTM117 General Chemistry(1) 4 普通化學(一) 1
ISTM102 Innovation Project (1) 4 創新專題(1) 1
ISTM104 Communication Skill (1)  2 溝通技巧(1) 1
ISTM118 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 4 解析幾何與微積分II 2
ISTM121 Advanced C Programming 3 高等C程式語言 2
ISTM122 Fundamentals of Electromagnetism 4 基礎電磁學 2
ISTM119 Introduction to MATLAB Programming 2 MATLAB程式設計 2
ISTM103 Innovation Project (2) 4 創新專題(2) 2
ISTM105 Communication Skill (2) 2 溝通技巧(2) 2


Year 2 Courses:

FCU Code English Title Credit Chinese Title Semester
ISTM210 Multivariate Calculus 4 多變元微積分 1
ISTM217 Circuit Theory(1) 3 電路學(一)  1
ISTM218 Electronic Measurement Techniques 1 電子量測技術  1
ISTM214 Digital System Design 4 數位系統設計  1
ISTM202 Entrepreneurship Project (1) 4 創業專題(1) 1
ISTM204 Communication Skill (3)  2 溝通技巧(3) 1
ISTM203 Entrepreneurship Project (2) 4 創業專題(2) 2
ISTM215 Ordinary Differential Equations 3 常微分方程 2
ISTM212 Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design 3 電子電路分析與設計 2
ISTM213 Electronic Devices and Design Lab 1 電子元件與設計實驗  2
ISTM226 Circuit Theory(2) 3 電路學(二)  2
ISTM216 Linear Algebra 3 線性代數 2
ISTM205 Communication Skill (4)  2 溝通技巧(4) 2


Upon completion of all program requirements in their first two years at FCU, students continue their studies at PURDUE in the third and fourth year. Students will choose their own professional area of specialization--Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering, at PURDUE based on their aptitudes and preferences.

On sccessful completion of all program requirements, students will be awarded the following degrees:

A. Bachelor of Science (Engineering) by FCU and

B. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering by Purdue University

Graduates of this program will be eligible for an 12-month F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT) visa as well as the 24-th month OPT extension. OPT visa holders can only undertake work directly related to their major area of study.

Purdue University Electrical Engineering Course Map

Purdue University Computer Engineering Course Map


After completing the core courses in the first 2 years of study in FCU, students will need to meet the published English proficiency requirements of partner institutions prior to continuing their senior years of study in Purdue University. Please see below for language and academic requirements of Purdue University








    (no individual band

    below 20)


    (no individual band

    below 6.0)


Language Support

English proficiency test result (eg TOEFL, IELTS) is a crucial factor in successfully studying abroad. It's also  one of the mandatory requirements in applying for  internationally prestigious universities. While students are studying at ISTM, our professional team will enhance students' English proficiency in a systematic and efficient approach. We will provide personal counselling and assessment, helping students to reach the English threshold of partner universities.

Admission Process

Detailed admission procedures and procedures for international students could be found at : Feng Chia University Admission Information

Admission Requirements and information

For 2017 Fall Semester Admission:

For home students

» Admission by application

» Admission via the stars project

» Admission via the joint college assigned-subject examination

For international students

» Apply via FCU’s Online Application System.


Tuition and Fees

Tuition fees are current at the time of publication (August, 2016) and are subject to change.

Study in FCU per annum:USD 9,000 (NTD 300,000)

Study in Purdue per annum:USD 31,000 (NTD 1,021,000)

N.B. Tuition fees are  the latest figure published by each institution.